Shit Happens – So What?

Bad things can and do happen to good people. Everybody gets their fair share of circumstances, events and experiences that they would rather not have to endure. But that’s the way life is. Sometimes sh*t happens – and you just have to deal with it.

The secret is simple – it’s all in your attitude. Things happen and you respond. For most people, the response is automatic – without any conscious deliberation. They respond out of habit. But chances are that these automatic responses have negative connotations that trigger emotions that make you feel even shittier.

Much of what happens in your world is beyond your control. But there is the event and your response to it and they are two separate entities. Things happen, whether they are triggered by nature or by someone else. Often there’s an autopilot response – but it’s not typically the kind of response that serves you best. When you lash out in a state of anger or emotional upset – you’re responding subconsciously, the way you’ve been programmed to respond. But there is a better way.

The thing is, how you respond is far more important than the event itself. Think about that for a moment. What happens accounts for ten percent of the effect it has on your life. The other much larger portion – fully ninety percent – is represented by how you respond. In other words, it’s not necessarily what happened in your life, but how you handled it that counts. Remember, sh*t happens to everyone. But not everyone gets bent out of shape emotionally by all the crap that drags people down.


There are things that are beyond your ability to control. That’s just the way it is. But what you have complete, one hundred percent control of is how you react. Here’s the thing – your attitude determines the effect a negative event or circumstance plays in your life. And you are always in command of your attitude.

When some jackass cuts you off on the road, do you lash out in rage, or do you pity the poor bastard because he must be preoccupied with a sick child? He probably didn’t mean to cut you off and certainly didn’t try to evoke anonymous anger. It’s all about attitude and not letting things get to you.

Blame is irrelevant and useless. When things go screwy and they don’t work out as you would have liked – learn to take it in stride. It’s all part of the game of life. Sometimes life hits hard and you feel like a helpless victim. But is that position going to help you or hurt you in the long run? Although you may have every right to feel like a victim – you are actually doing yourself a disservice by surrendering your power. It’s all about your perspective or attitude. Recast what the event means to you, but shape it in a way that is empowering rather than disempowering.

It is through adversity that we make our greatest gains. It is through adversity that we learn what we are truly made of. Whatever happens – happens. Sometimes you’re left to pick up the pieces and sometimes that don’t all fit. Adjust your attitude and even the worst case scenario isn’t as bad as you feared. Accept what has happened. Change future happenings where you can and accept what cannot be undone. Look for the hidden value – the silver lining – as it’s always there somewhere, even if you have to dig deeper than you’ve ever dug before.

Shit happens – but you need not shit on yourself and make things worse. That’s exactly what most people do when trouble appears. It’s this negative reaction that clouds their vision as emotion takes over. Remember that no matter how tough the going gets – you can always handle it. Life is a matter of mentality. It’s all in the attitude of mind because this is what shapes your life experience. Trying times don’t define who you are as a person – how you respond does.

In challenging times, look within and you’ll find a strength and power you never knew you had. You cannot always control the outside world – but your inner world is your exclusive domain. The attitude you assume is always more important than events, circumstances and facts. Take the attitude that serves you at a higher level.

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