The Magical Power of Silence

Meditation, visualization and contemplation all have peace and serenity at their very core — as a fundamental prerequisite. Finding a place of silence within requires a separation from the frantic onslaught of thoughts entertained by the conscious mind on a routine basis as we go about living our individual lives.

The mind is a powerful thing that directs your responses, your actions and your behaviours. But when you follow the conscious mind, you don’t find peace because of the constant chatter that represents the ongoing activity of the conscious mind. It seeks to be busy. Just try to not think about anything for one minute and you’ll see how the mind drifts from one thought to another before you can bring it under control.

But when you can stop the barrage of mental activity entering your consciousness, you create the environment where creating real magic in your life is possible. That’s where relaxation can flourish and it’s this relaxation and the letting go of thoughts that is a key element to enabling the power of silence to work in your life.

Power of SilenceRelax first and then revel in the expansive universe of unlimited possibility. If you don’t first get quite and calm the mind and body – it’s unlikely that any silence experienced will do more than provide you with a brief break from the noise of your routine life.

Real advances are made here in moments of silence. All that is required of you is to step back from the busyness of seeking, searching and striving — and just allow yourself to relax in the comfort of this quiet stillness.

It’s important that you give up the need to hold on to any thought.

What this process does is it centers you. Stepping into this silence feels peaceful and serene and natural in every way. It’s invigorating, stress-relieving and healing too. When the pressures of the workday beat you down, silence can work wonders. It restores your energy, your balance and your outlook. When you relax and let go and simply enjoy the peace found in silence, you stop trying to control everything and as you surrender into the bliss of the moment.

Silence helps you connect to your Divinity. Only when you go within and get quiet is this peace and power available to you. It’s wonderfully serene and incredibly relaxing just to step into silence and release your grip on all that permeates your consciousness. At this level of deep peace and quiet, all is well. Silence can be your healing space. As you tap into divine energy and appreciate the universe and your oneness with it. But this can only happen when you forget trying to accomplish… or change… or create… or solve anything. You simply let go and enjoy the silence.

At first it might seem a little weird. But the more you indulge, the more you’ll recognize the profound power and beauty of silence.

Getting quiet is the key to tapping your inner power. It’s important to relax into the experience. Strive only to attain the deepest level of relaxation possible and trust in the sounds of silence. Go there and you’ll discover that your doubts, your fears… your troubles and your worries fall by the wayside. They lose their power as you loosen the grip and let them go. Do this and you will renew a natural sense of positivity and power. You will feel lighter, brighter, more resourceful and capable than ever before in your life.

Don’t just take my word for it. Go use this stuff. Get quiet and get renewed psychically and energetically. When the world wears you down – go inside and lift yourself up.

The deep place of silence expands your consciousness. Only when you stop the mental parade of thoughts can you grow. The moment you get silent and find this peaceful serenity and completely relax, that’s the moment you connect with universal consciousness where everything is available to you.

You cannot find your great power by pushing or struggling. You won’t find it by resistance to any problems or circumstances you’ve encountered either. Your power finds you and it flows through you as a result of you first finding this place of deep inner silence and relaxing in its serenity.

Silence unshackles you from society’s programming. You get you away from all the “shoulds” in your life and you experience the freedom that is your natural state whenever you claim it in the moment.

Simply let go of the struggles. Go ahead and empty your mind, relax your body and let this rejuvenating power flow in and through you. It’s an invigorating experience to be sure.

The result is crystal-clear thinking, renewed energy and an optimistic outlook. You’ll find that you are much more upbeat and optimistic. You’ve raised your vibration and naturally you feel better as a result. Oh and… in case you were wondering, there’s no downside to seeking silence. Silence truly is golden.

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